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We. Are. FetLife!

Not to be confused with the Spartans.

Meet the Team

A beautifully diverse group of kinksters that care deeply about the community and FetLife's mission.

JohnBaku 41M Dom
Vancouver, British Columbia
I keep shit tight.
Pairadox 57M Dom
Saint Louis, Missouri
I help people.
J_ 59M Switch
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
I help people.
Gypsy 53F Sensualist
Winterville, Georgia
I help people.
yianni69 38M
Vancouver, British Columbia
I shoot 3s.
RoarlikeRebBrown 30M Kinkster
Los Angeles, California
I sell ads.
Dreamlite 98M Fetishist
Budapest, Hungary
I create Android
BobRegular 97NB
I help people.
Spioch 34M Switch
Krakow, Poland
I help people.
ThatElfGuy 33M Switch
Avon, Ohio
I help people.
rakvat 37F
Berlin, Germany
I write code.
GreenRabbit 27M Exploring
Bratislava, Slovakia
I write code.
BitFlogger 37M Kinkster
Casper, Wyoming
I whip systems into shape
Switch_Sys 29 Switch
Denver, Colorado
I help people.
R4mon 27M Switch
West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
I design experiences.
chomp__chomp 29M Vanilla
Gainesville, Florida
I help people.
FetLife's Mission & Vision

“To help people feel comfortable with who they are sexually by connecting and educating kinksters in a safe, open, and supportive environment.”

Our Core Values

As a team we live by our values in everything we do.

Community Driven

  • Focus on projects that have the highest impact on the community relative to effort.
  • Make incremental experience refinements where the improvement is worth the relearning.
  • Listen to our members, understand where they are coming from, and then over-deliver.
  • Be an active member of FetLife so that you can better empathize with other members.
  • Be inspired by the community and its beautiful diversity.

Work Hard, Work Smart

  • Never stop looking for a better solution.
  • It is okay to make mistakes, just always make sure to learn from them.
  • Focus on our mission and goals, don’t get caught up in tasks.
  • Diagnose problems to get to the root cause.
  • Make sure to re-question assumptions.
  • When dealing with the same issue multiple times, find a permanent solution.
  • Take pride in, and ownership of, whatever you’re working on.
  • Don’t worry about looking good - worry about achieving our goals.
  • Always work on improving yourself and your craft.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

  • Hold each other to high standards and work through any disagreements.
  • Have thoughtful disagreements to both learn from, and increase the odds of, making good decisions.
  • Disagree, but when a decision has been made, move forward united as one team.
  • Team morale and smooth functioning take precedence over your need to be right - besides, you could be wrong.
  • If you run into a problem, reach out to someone who has the authority to solve your problem. Never complain or gossip.
  • Hold yourself and the people around you accountable, and appreciate the people around you for holding you accountable.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

  • Without exception, be respectful to each member of the team.
  • Listen and try to understand everyone’s viewpoint before reacting.
  • Be truthful and straightforward in your feedback with everyone.
  • Have strong opinions weakly held, while remaining open-minded.
  • Provide constant and accurate feedback to your teammates and the organization.

Do the Right Thing

  • Do it right, or don’t do it at all.
  • Doing the right thing is almost always more important than following a process.
  • Quickly recognize and admit mistakes when you’ve made them.
  • If something goes wrong, don't pass the buck, take responsibility.
  • Never put comfort ahead of success, it produces worse results for everyone.

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